While the entire team here at The Ocean County Signal is proud of their Jersey roots and to call Ocean County home, we know there’s lots to see and do up and down the entire east coast of the United States! Recently some members of our team took some time to enjoy the sights and sounds that greeted them near the Atlantic Ocean, and we thought you’d enjoy hearing their impressions of everything they experienced along the way.

The White Mountains, New Hampshire

The White Mountains are no doubt some of the most beautiful mountains in the country, nestled in the rustic attraction that is the state of New Hampshire. For those who want to really enjoy a country-like experience, consider riding through the mountains on horseback and taking a break at each peak and meadow to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. We enjoyed the sparkling water surrounded by lush trees in this spot and are sure other visitors will love it too!

The Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine

If you’re looking to visit an authentic, old-world lighthouse situated on a rocky shore, don’t miss The Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine! This lighthouse is actually one of the most photographed in the world, no doubt due to its charm and the beautiful backdrop of the Atlantic behind it. The lighthouse has a full museum and gift shop on its property so you can learn about its history and take something home to remember it by, just as we did!

The Witch House, Massachusetts

For a bit of history that is both scary and sad, you might stop by The Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts. Other than being a formidable charcoal black on the outside, the home itself is not necessarily remarkable in its architecture and appearance, but it is the former residence of Jonathan Corwin, the judge who sentenced 19 people to the gallows for witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. The house is said to be the last structure of that time period still standing, we thought it’s dark appearance is a perfect reflection of that very dark time in U.S. history!

The New York Botanical Gardens, the Bronx

If you think the Bronx is just a crowded inner city with nothing to offer tourists, you would be incredibly wrong! The New York Botanical Gardens is nestled in this city and offers classic architecture along with beautiful landscaping and foliage for you to enjoy. It’s also one of the largest botanical gardens in the country and typically boasts hundreds of cherry trees on its lawns. We loved touring its grounds and are sure you will too.

King Street, Virginia

King Street is one of the oldest avenues in America, where even George Washington is said to have once walked! You also don’t need to travel out west to enjoy a trolley ride as you can hop a trolley up and down King Street, browsing its shops and attractions. We loved the old-world charm offered by its many businesses and miss spending the day just browsing and peering through those beautiful shop windows!

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, South Carolina

While we love the beach of our native Jersey Shore, we also fell in love with the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk in South Carolina. The boardwalk is reportedly just over a mile long, with lots of quaint shops and eateries dotting the way. The beautiful view of the Atlantic made for great scenery when we stopped for a bite, and the fresh air coming in off the coast made for a relaxing day although making us a bit homesick as well!

Charleston City Market, South Carolina

One of the oldest city markets in the country, the Charleston City Market is an excellent place to find offbeat vendors offering everything you need for the home and family, as well as tasty treats you won’t find anywhere else! An open air market, this spot is perfect for spending an entire day so you can shop and still have some fresh air while browsing the many outlets and stores.

St. Augustine Distillery Company, Florida

Since it was just the grownups for this road trip, we decided to stop by the St. Augustine Distillery Company in St. Augustine, Florida, where we got to see firsthand how the company distills rum, whiskey, and so much more. We also enjoyed some time in their tasting room which was remarkably free of charge! This is definitely the place to go when you’re done with a long drive for the day and want to relax and unwind and enjoy some amazing spirits.