LeadsForward Podcast Recap

If you’re like most small business owners and local contractors, you may know all the ins and outs of your job and your industry, and might even offer the most outstanding service for local homeowners and business owners, but struggle when it comes time for those customers to find you! This is where Rhode Island based LeadsForward, a truly successful leads generation website building company, comes into the picture.

LeadsForward builds websites designed specifically for generating quality leads for local businesses throughout the country, without using paid advertisements and without wasting time on dead-end, “tire kicker” callers. The Ocean County Signal podcasters sat down with the team at LeadsForward to find out more about how they work and why their business model has become one of the most successful of its kind.

Why Contractors Need a Leads Generation Website

One thing we learned in talking to the team at LeadsForward is that a lead generation website is vital for contractors and local businesses. What makes a leads generation website different from a standard website? Leads generation helps to convert visitors to actual customers; a website built by LeadsForward does more than just tell readers about a company but stresses the importance and value of the services offered by a contractor.

lead generation for contractors

A leads generation site also makes it fast and easy for potential customers to contact a company through that site, with features such as mobile friendly calling, responsive and easy-to-use quote forms, and everything else today’s web visitors expect. A website tailor-made for local contractors and that is user friendly means fewer visitors clicking away from the site and more customers asking for a call back or a quote right on the spot!

Why Hire a Pro for Leads Generation Websites

The team at LeadsForward stressed that many local contractors know their services and industries inside and out, but don’t truly understand what it takes to get a website noticed online, much less how to convert visitors to customers. Understanding how Google and other search engines operate is confusing to many contractors and can be a full-time job itself, but it’s also a vital one if you want your site found by potential customers!

The founders of LeadsForward spent years studying all the details necessary for a successful site that is easily found by web browsers, and that converts visitors into customers. They continue to tweak their processes as Google and other search engines change their algorithms, ensuring their websites are always found quickly and easily by potential customers and are responsive and simple to use!

Do Lead Generation Websites for Contractors Really Work?