New Jersey Plastering Podcast Recap

One beautiful feature inside many pre-war homes and commercial structures here in New Jersey is authentic plaster, used for walls and ceilings and to make decorative crown molding, medallions, and so many other eye-catching features! Plaster is strong and durable and provides added sound insulation inside a building, but it does require the attention of a plaster repair expert when damaged or in need of replacing.

To help ensure businesses in Ocean County and surrounding areas have the expert help they need with plaster ceiling crack repair, plaster installation, and everything else related to plaster inside their homes and businesses, we were proud to chat with New Jersey Plastering ( and their team of plaster experts for this podcast. What we found out was very helpful and we’re sure you’ll appreciate knowing how to keep the plaster inside your home or office in tiptop shape!

What Is Plaster?

One reason that plaster needs a bit of expert care for installation or during repairs is that this material is not simply nailed or fastened to a wall or ceiling. Plaster is made from a mixture of lime or gypsum, sand, and water. This mixture is then applied in layers to what is called a lath, or a series of wood strips that provide stability to the plaster compound, and allowed to dry.

As plaster dries, it hardens to a very dense and durable material that doesn’t crack or break easily. The density of plaster is what offers soundproofing for a space, as sound waves aren’t likely to pass through this material very easily! However, it takes some skill and knowhow to apply plaster properly and to ensure each layer dries as needed before the addition of the next!

Why We Love Plaster

Plaster has a very authentic old-world look and feel that adds lots of charm and authenticity to some of the older buildings in Ocean County and surrounding areas. However, we’ve learned from our chat with New Jersey Plastering that this material offers much more than just charm and historic appeal! One great feature of plaster is that it can be worked easily around odd corners and turns inside a structure, without obvious joints, cracks, or other unsightly details.

One reason that builders and property owners love plaster is that the material doesn’t contain any biological substances that feed mold. While mold might grow and spread behind plaster walls, the stucco itself will stop mold in its tracks! This is a vital consideration for property owners close to the ocean where humidity levels are high and buildings tend to develop mold quite quickly.

Another obvious advantage of plaster installation in New Jersey is that an installation expert can create detailed molds, medallions, and other features. Your home or office can have a breathtaking ceiling medallion or thick, eye-catching crown molding when you choose plaster installation versus plain and simple drywall.